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London Bridges
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My secondary DA account (where I post weapon and vehicle designs): Armory574
My discord username: Th3_Lo$t_Rese4r©her#9089
My Steam username: Harlos574
My Youtube channel (which I rarely upload to XD): 574Studios

My ask blog is also on Tumblr: ask-the-paradox-rogues.tumblr.…

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CURRENT QUOTE: Tolerating people is easy. The hard part is finding someone who is willing to tolerate you in return.


I recently got a portable scanner! :D I should be able to post art this weekend (I can't make any guaruntees though).
Due to technical difficulties involving my scanner, I will not be able to post art for an unknown amount of time.
I would like to apologize to people I owe art to for the delay.
Hey everyone. I need you all to legit scream at me to get my art done. I have a lot of owed art to do, yet I always end up wasting my spare time with videogames.
Sorry its taking so long.
me: *finally gets time to do art again*
me: *publicly announces that I am offering free sketch commissions*
college: *increases work load*
me: "but... I promised all these people..."

And I swear, I WILL get all the commissions done, as well as any I recieve later. Thank you for your patience. ;_;
Note to self: before asking how much a commission would cost, LOOK FOR THE ARTIST'S FAQ SECTION.

Now I feel kinda silly, if not outright dumb
Welp. I think I am finally able to (slowly) start making art and stuff again.
Ever since last spring this year, I have barely even felt like doing art.
My will, my motivation, my desire and passion for art... just plumetted.
I don't know why, but I haven't felt like doing anything art-related lately.
Almost 8 whole months and.... NOTHING

... I need help getting motivated again. So, starting sometime soon, I am going to open a journal where you can request free art sketches of whatever you want.
Help me by letting me serve you... I guess....
I'm thinking of doing a music video MAP (multiple artist project). Anyone interested? The song is "Dare to be Stupid"
My birthday is tomorrow.
Strange thing is tho, I don't really care about whether or not I get presents. :T

Also, I apologize for the lack of activity. College is hecking time consuming.
college, y u no give me time to make art???
My college classes start back up today. I haven't even stepped out of my house yet, and I ALREADY wish I had a clone I am so tired.
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... these next two years are going to be hell.
I'm sorry for the inactivity. Life at home has been busy and hectic recently, and just yesterday it got worse. Its even gotten to the point where I pretend that I am "too distracted by video games", when really I am just using games to ignore my thoughts.

I promise that I will fight through this and get back to making art as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I hope you all are staying inspirational and amazing.
One of us will be forgotten
The other will be wrong

from "Contact Redux"
Written by Trocadero
Vocals by Meredith Hagan
I have to be honest. I am not the good person you thought I was. I did a lot of bad things to people, lately and recently. So, I am going to post a link. Follow it, and you will see a lot of compiled screenshots of stuff I did. It isn't everything, but it it still more than enough to show how horribley I have treated people. You deserve to know what I have done.

I understand if any of you want to cut ties to me, block me, maybe even report me. I am also disgusted by myself and what I've done. No amount of words or actions can make up for what I did, and I really don't have any excuse. Just know that I'm going to work harder towards being a better person and I promise I will not repeat these same mistakes any more.
... People tell me to leave them alone, then they turn around and send hundreds of people to attack me. And if I try to tell them to stop, they say I deserve it.

... How the hell am I supposed to let go of the past if people keep using it to justify their attacks? Yeah, I did some bad and stupid things, but that doesn't give you the right to subject me to eternal "revenge"... does it?
I know this is going to sound really selfish and greedy, but I feel the need to ask anyways so please don't judge me (not publicly, anyways).

If you know anyone that is looking to buy commissions, could you please send them my way? I want to earn some money so I can buy a commission from CannibalisticBri
(if you go look at their art you can see why I want to buy a commission from them).

UPDATE: I managed to raise the money by selling some of my things.
Do you ever get the feeling that you unknowingly pissed off one of your remaining friends and that they are just ignoring you because its the nicer option?

Because I have that feeling right now. Like, really strongly.

... I don't know whether I should ask them directly or wait until things become more clear on their own.
Hey, do any of yoy have Discord accounts? If you do, then please note me so I can add you.
This is a message to all of my watchers: remove me from your watch lists. I'm not the person you should be looking up to. I don't deserve your support. I'm just another toxic person. You are better off forgetting I even exist.


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